Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service Bournemouth provides the highest level of window cleaning, combined with reliability and safety. Sparkling streak free glass every time using our pure-water cleaning systems…

Arkright Cleaners Bournemouth offers you professional window cleaning service for Bournemouth! Our range of window cleaning services provides convenient solutions for the clean and presentable state of your property’s exterior. As part of our window cleaning service we can help you with gutter cleaning and maintenance for a full spectrum exterior home clean.

Low Cost Professional Bournemouth Window Cleaning Service

  • You will receive a notification text the evening prior to our arrival
  • You get your frames and doors cleaned as well as the glass
  • You receive an invoice via email after every cleaning and the payment will be taken automatically, totally hassle free.
  • We can usually clean all windows, including: third storey, leaded, Georgian, over sloping roofs
  • Your windows will stay clean longer because one of the benefits of pure water cleaning is we will not leave any sticky soap residue on your windows.

Our professionally trained Bournemouth window cleaners will arrive at your home or office with a (please ensure a free parking space within thirty metres of your property on the day the service). Whether it’s an office, shop or private home once our window cleaning technicians arrive they will examine your property carefully to determine the best glass cleaning solution for your property.

Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems

Arkright Cleaners Bournemouth uses pure water fed through professional glass cleaning poles. This pure water solution removes grime and dirt faster than traditional water and also provides a streak free clean every time. To reach windows on higher floors, we use a water-fed pole that can extend up to the fourth storey of a building. Our window cleaning service Bournemouth is carried out without any detergents – only purified water but the result is brilliant. Your windows will shine, there won’t be a single smudge on them. The window sills and frames will be cleaned as well (if PVC).